Request for help from Silverymoon

Calling all Adventurers,

The city of Silverymoon requests the aid or a party of adventurers to investigate and resolve an urgent matter in the City of Silverymoon.

The city of Sundabar has grown silent over the last few weeks. Attempts to send scouts to check on the city has failed, due to the recent avalanches in Silverymoon Pass and increases in local bandit activity in the area.

Party is requested to travel to Sundabar and investigate what has caused the City to cut away from the Northern Cities.

This mission will require;
Experience in Diplomacy and Persuasive interventions (Particularly with Dwarves)
Medical training
Knowledge of the Arcane and Religious Training
Physical strength and endurance.
Preferably Combat training, and tracking skills
(Optional) Knowledge of the Local Area

Should you wish to enquire further, please report to Lord Evalus Silvermane at The House of the Harp in Silverymoon.

Reward of 10,000 Gold Pieces for resolution of matter (To be discussed upon accepting the mission)


Tuern Hornblade
Speaker for the City of Silverymoon

Request for help from Silverymoon

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